Belkin Conserve Gateway

Belkin release conserve gateway router.The conserve gateway router is for home energy management and it connects to smart meter for track your whole home energy usage insights…..

Belkin has announced  its Conserve Gateway, a router system that is capable of pairing with your smart meter to provide real-time insight about your home energy use, delivering the information via a simple and elegant web interface. With the Conserve Gateway, users will be able to easily track and reduce energy use in their homes and learn conservation tips.

Utility companies will even be able to push information to the Conserve Gateway with advice, such as telling the user that they will be able to save a certain amount of money by using their appliance more efficiently.


  • Ability to provision and manage a home area network (HAN) to enable the monitoring and control of in-home devices, appliances, and energy loads.
  • Smart Energy Profile (SEP 1.0) certified ZigBee® network interface for communicating with smart meters deployed with utility advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet network interface allows for communicating with cloud-based device management system through user’s home broadband router and provides an alternate channel for utilities to communicate with the gateway.
  • Secure data communications across wired and wireless media and networking protocols.
  • OTA software upgrades can allow application updates to be pushed to the device.
  • External antenna for maximum ZigBee pairing range

The device is capable of talking to your meter and compatible devices using ZigBee, ensuring that you’ll be able to easily recoup the cost of this device via savings to your electricity bill. The Belkin Conserve Gateway is currently available, though pricing information wasn’t mentioned.


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