Boot Up Speed, Camera & Display Comparison Between iPhone 4 Vs. iPod Touch 4G

The new iPod touch 4G has already been released by Apple earlier this month which comes with several new features.This includes an A4 processor, retina display and a 720p HD video camera.As these features are also available in iPhone 4 so there is a chance to compare these features between the two devices.

A Czech Apple news website has now published a side-by-side comparison of these specifications on the two devices that offer a pretty interesting analysis of these features.

Boot Up Time

In a comparison of startup times, the iPad was the clear winner, with a full startup achieved in just 19.04 seconds. Next was the fourth-generation iPod touch, which took 26.40 seconds to start, followed by the iPhone 4 at 28.64 seconds. Last year’s iPhone 3GS started in 32.80 seconds.


In the next comparison, iPod Touch and iPhone 4’s 720p HD video camera were also compared. The comparison clearly reveals that the video captured on the new iPod Touch has a darker contrast than the video from iPhone 4. Check out the side-by-side comparison of the two iDevices in the video embedded below.

Retina Display

Finally, the most obvious disparity between the two devices is the display. Though the new iPod touch packs a high-resolution “Retina Display” packing the same 326 pixels per inch as the iPhone 4, the iPod touch screen does not have the same in-plane switching technology found in Apple’s smartphone.

When viewed from sharp angles, the iPod touch display has distorted colors, while the iPhone 4 remains accurate. This is thanks to the IPS technology in the LCD display.

IPS technology was developed by Hitachi in 1996 to improve viewing angles and color reproductions on screens. Its first appearance in Apple’s line of iOS devices came earlier this year, when the iPad was introduced.

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