Casio EX-S200 and EX-Z800

There have been announced two new digital cameras by Casio EX-S200 and EX-Z800. The cameras which are based on EXILIM Engine 5.0, have Super Resolution Digital Zooming offering quality images using 1.5 times the range of optical zoom…….

Casio have announced the release of the new Exilim Card EX-S200 and Exilim Zoom EX-Z800 cameras, marking the latest additions to the Exilim family of digital cameras. Both cameras sport advanced features in a slim, compact and stylish body, including a Super Resolution Digital Zoom that extends the zoom range.

The new cameras make use of the Exilim Engine 5.0 and super-resolution technology to take photos with exceptional clarity and resolution, while the Super Resolution Digital Zoom maintains image quality through 1.5 times the range of the optical zoom. Other features include the highly-regarded Premium Auto function, which automatically produces beautiful photos with just a press of the shutter button.

The EXILIM Card EX-S200 is a slim, high-quality, card-sized camera that is just 17.8 mm thick and only 14.9 mm at its thinnest part, while the EXILIM Zoom EX-Z800 is compact enough to fit in the palm of the hand. Both cameras sport a 4X optical zoom lens that starts at a 27 mm wide-angle view (35 mm film camera equivalent) and is capable of taking images with an effective resolution of 14.1 megapixels, while packing numerous other camera features such as Casio’s CCD-shift image stabilization mechanism in a slim, compact and stylish body.

The EX-S200 uses a flat lens barrel and lens ring to achieve a thin and stylish card-sized body that smoothly combines contrasting geometric shapes. The camera was designed with an emphasis on functionality and simplicity, achieving a design that is at once elegant and understated. The EX-S200 comes in five different colors: silver, orange, blue, black, and pink. The Quick Mode function powers on the camera with a press of the shutter button, previews a photo after shooting, and automatically powers down. Combined with the portability of the card-sized body, Quick Mode ensures that the user will never miss a photo opportunity.

The lens, LCD monitor and buttons of the EX-Z800 are flat to achieve a compact body that fits the contours of the hand. The EX-Z800 comes in six different colors, ranging from basic black and silver to vivid pink, red, yellow, and blue. The polished finish of the camera gives it an elegant yet dynamic look. The camera features dedicated Shoot, View and Delete buttons that provide access to each of the basic operations of a digital camera, so that even beginners will find the digital camera easy to use.

Casio’s unique Dynamic Photo function creates composite moving images, making it possible to have multiple characters moving independently of each other against a background of moving images up to as long as 20 seconds. The Art Conversion function takes saved images and makes them look like artwork. These features make it possible to enjoy photos in a way that is only possible with a Casio digital camera.

EX-S200/EX-Z800 Features:

  • Super Resolution Shot delivers images with exceptional clarity and resolution – Both cameras use super-resolution technology to analyze and optimally process the respective areas of the photo that are contoured, textured or flat, delivering photos of exceptional quality and resolution.
  • Super Resolution Digital Zoom extends the maximum telephoto range of the optical zoom – The two cameras use super resolution technology to respectively enhance edges, flat areas and textures when enlarging images, by analyzing and adjusting the contours in images and the relief of the subject. The Super Resolution Digital Zoom extends the maximum telephoto range of the optical zoom up to 1.5 times, while reducing image quality degradation. Both the EX-S200 and EX-Z800 offer an optical equivalent 6X zoom range that maintains image quality for 14.1-megapixel high-resolution photography when using the optical zoom with the Super-Resolution Digital Zoom.
  • Premium Auto function produces beautiful photos with just a press of the shutter button – Premium Auto enables the camera to automatically analyze the scene being photographed — including distinguishing night scenes, back lighting, a blue sky, green trees or a sunset — as well as sensing whether there is a face in the frame, the movement and position of the subject, and whether a tripod is being used. It simultaneously optimizes settings for exposure, ISO, sensitivity, focus location, photo blur correction, tonal range and color balance, and level of noise reduction. Images are analyzed pixel by pixel to apply different correction to people and backgrounds. Premium Auto delivers an advanced level of full auto photography, ensuring high quality photos with just a press of the shutter button.
  • Dynamic Photo function for creating composite moving images – These cameras offer Casio’s original Dynamic Photo function, which makes it easy for users to create “moving photos” right on the camera by cutting moving subjects from the background in images taken with continuous shooting, and combining those images on a different still or moving image background. With Dynamic Photo on these cameras, it is possible to make multiple characters move independently of each other against a background of moving images up to as long as 20 seconds. These capabilities not only make it more fun to create images, but also offer the fun of sharing images by making it easy to upload images to YouTubeTM using the included software or post them to a blog.
  • Art Shot and Art Conversion functions create photos with the look of a painting – The Art Shot function makes use of the image processing technology in Exilim Engine 5.0 to create photos of scenery or human subjects that have the look of an oil painting, crayon, or a water colour. With the Art Conversion function, it is now possible to apply the same look as the Art Shot function to saved images.

Casio EX-200 and EX-Z800 specifications:

Casio EX-S200,    Casio EX-Z800.
• 1/2.3″ Type CCD
• 14.1 million effective pixels
• 14.48 million total pixels

Image sizes:
• 14M (4320 x 3240)
• 14M 3:2 (4320 x 2880)
• 14M16:9 (4320 x 2432)
• 10M (3648 x 2736)
• 6M (2816 x 2112)
• 3M (2048 x 1536)
• VGA (640 x 480)

Movie clips:
• 1280 × 720 (HD, 20 fps)
• 640 x 480 (30 fps

File formats:
• Stills: JPEG (Exif Version 2.3), DCF 2.0 standard, DPOF compliant
• Movies: AVI format, Motion JPEG, IMA-ADPCM (monaural)
• WAV format (monaural)

• F3.2 (W) to F5.9 (T)
• Approx. 4.9 to 19.6mm
• Approx. 27 to 108mm (equiv)
• 6 lenses in 5 groups, including aspherical lens

Image stabilization:    CCD-shift image stabilization

Optical zoom:    4x
Digital zoom:    6x Super Resolution zoom (63.8x in combination with optical zoom)

• Contrast Detection Auto Focus
• Auto Focus, Macro Mode, Super Macro, Infinity Mode, Manual Focus
AF area modes    Intelligent, Spot, Multi, Tracking

AF assist lamp:    Yes,    No.

Metering:    Multi-pattern, Center Weighted

ISO sensitivity:    Auto, 50, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200

Exposure compensation:    -2EV to +2EV (in 1/3EV steps)

Shuttter speed:
• 1/2 to 1/2000 second (Auto)
• 4 to 1/2000 second (Night)

Aperture:    F3.2 (W) to F5.9 (T)

Scene modes:
• BEST SHOT Included: 42 scenes
• Premium Auto
• Make-up mode
• Landscape Mode
• Dynamic Photo
• Art Shot Function
• Multi-motion Image
• YouTube™ Capture
• Voice-Recording
• Face Detection
• Auto Shutter
• BEST SHOT Included: 35 scenes
• Premium Auto
• Make-up mode
• Lighting Function
• Dynamic Photo
• Art Shot Function
• Multi-motion Image
• YouTube™ Capture
• Voice-Recording
• Face Detection
• Auto Shutter

White balance:
• Auto WB
• Daylight
• Overcast
• Shade
• Day White FL
• Daylight FL
• Tungsten
• Manual WB

Self timer:    10 seconds, 2 seconds, Triple Self-timer

LCD monitor:
• 2.7-inch TFT Super Clear color LCD
• 230,400 dots (960 x 480)
• 2.7-inch TFT color LCD
• 230,400 dots (960 x 480)

• AV out
• Hi-Speed USB
• AV out

• SDHC / SD Memory Card
• 34.9MB
• SDHC / SD Memory Card
• 14.5MB


Rechargeable lithium ion battery (NP-120),
Rechargeable lithium ion battery (NP-80).

Weight (no batt):    116g,    103 g

Dimensions:    100(W) x 55 (H) x 18 (D)mm,    91(W) x 52(H) x 20 (D)mm.


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