Turn Your SLR Into A Digital Camera With DigiPod

SLR cameras have been the central part of the photography equipment for many years. However, with the increasing popularity of DSLR cameras, SLRs have been pushed to the back seat. A professional photographer, James Jackson, now aims to change this by offering DigiPod, which lets you turn an SLR camera into a digital one.


To this end, Jackson has launched a project at Indiegogo. The campaign is termed ‘DigiPod’ and aims to raise¬†¬£199,000 within 30 days. The product that Jackson promises in turn is very enticing, especially for such photographers who are nostalgic about the older cameras.

DigiPod essentially lets you create a digital copy of captured images, rather than an analog one, while using your SLR. This means that while using SLRs, you can directly store your snaps and captures to a micro SD card.

Jackson explains, “I wanted the DigiPod to be as versatile as possible in the space available, so there is no hard memory. Everything is saved to a micro SD card, plus it has a mini USB for direct connection to a computer and a built-in battery.”

To sign up for the DigiPod, you can pledge $300 and be among the earliest ones to order the product. We are not sure if this campaign will sail all the way to its ambitious funds goal, but we certainly hope that it does. In a fleeting look, DigiPod is a good amalgamation of the old and the new in photography.

Source: Indiegogo

Courtesy: Mashable

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