New Olympus PEN Mini leaked?

Olympus’s PEN series which is part of their micro-four-thirds line up and was supposed to bridge the gap between compact point and shoot styled cameras and the bigger and sometimes heavier DSLR cameras. This is a leaked first look at the new micro-four-thirds E-PM1 camera and how it stacks up against the XZ-1 checkout in the picture bellow.

Rumors have been flying around that Olympus will be releasing a new line of high-end PEN models soon. According to 43Rumors the new model, the Olympus PEN Mini or better known as the E-PM1 is supposed to be comparable in size with the Olympus XZ-1. Although being slightly larger in width, and it’s supposed to bring about new features such as a touchscreen display, a brand new imaging engine and sensor and improved circuitry that should deliver reduced power consumption and increased battery life.

Olympus will make an official announcement on the 30th, but until then you have to satisfied with that particular leaked photo by 43 Rumors.
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