Nikon D4 Coming To France On March 15th And US In Mid-March

Camera enthusiasts and professional photographs alike are always anticipating the release of newer and better cameras, especially from such companies which are well known for producing top-range cameras. The good news for these fans are that Nikon is all set to launch it’s D4 camera soon on March 15th in France. The release date of the same camera is unknown for US, although Nikon say it will hit the shelves in US in ‘mid-March.’

Nikon has also announced the official release dates of a number of other cameras too. But the release dates that have clearly been stated are only applicable to the releases in France.

Nikon D4 will be available in France on March 15th, the D800 model will be launched a week later on March 22nd and finally, D800E will be available from April 12th. These dates are limited to France alone. The schedule for US has been rather vaguely stated by the company. According to the company, Nikon D4 will debut in the US market in ‘mid-March’ while D800 will come to US sometime in late-March. Similarly, the D800E model will be available in US again in mid-April.

D4 has been very eagerly anticipated by many photography enthusiasts and it’s time for them to mark their calendars accordingly for the scheduled launch. It’s only weeks away.

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