Make A Non-functional Leica Camera Through Assembling A Single Flat Plastic Poster

Non-functional Leica Camera

German optics company Leica Camera AG manufactures Leica cameras. The first Leica prototypes were built in 1913. However, for Leica’s 100th anniversary, ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi in Brazil, has made a non-functional Leica camera through assembling a single flat plastic poster.

Non-functional Leica Camera
Non-functional Leica Camera

To celebrate this 100th anniversary, the company delivered acrylic posters with detachable parts to an exclusive mailing, so that clients could making their own non-functional Leica camera. what clients have to do is just assemble the paper properly and make a non-functional Leica camera. Marcelo Ribiero, a designer at Saatchi’s Sao Paolo branch, has published a few photos of this non-functional Leica camera.

Process Of Making Non-functional Leica Camera
Design Of Non-functional Leica Camera
Step By Step Process Of Making Non-functional Leica Camera

Here’s a video of how to make a non-functional Leica camera.

Source: Marcelo Ribeiro
Thanks To: ISO 1200

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