Panasonic HDC-SD80K HD SD Card Camcorder

Introducing with the HDC-TM80 High Definition SD Card Camcorder. This Camcorder features 16GB internal flash memory and to optional SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards. So now capture HD recording to a 16GB internal flash memory. The features include 1920 x 1080 high def format and convenient flash memory recording, the TM80 comes loaded with a number of stress reducing shooting functions, digital still capture and options for archiving, editing and sharing. The Crystal Engine PRO and the 1/5.8″ CMOS sensor form the heart of the TM80 – producing vivid, life-like footage with fast processing speeds. In addition the camera include a touch screen 2.7″ LCD for intuitive control of the camera, a 33.7mm wide-angle lens, 42x Intelligent zoom and optical image stabilization. This is an Amazon’s product review. Checkout more details bellow.

Product Features

  • Intelligent 42x Zoom and HYBRID O.I.S.
  • 33.7mm Wide Angle Lens
  • Zoom Mic and Wind Noise Canceller
  • SDXC/SDHC/SD Memory Card Recording

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Panasonic
  • Model: HDC-SD80K
  • Lens Type: zoom
  • Optical zoom: 32 x
  • Display Size: 2.7 inches
  • Optical Sensor Technology: CMOS


Intelligent 42x Zoom and HYBRID O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer)
POWER O.I.S. HYBRIDThe HD 80 Series features an Intelligent Zoom function that goes all the way up to 42x. When using Intelligent Zoom, Intelligent Resolution technology lets you shoot at high zoom rates while preserving the image resolution. You get sharp images of highly detailed objects – without the blurry edges. Plus, the HD 80 Series is equipped with HYBRID O.I.S., an image stabilizer system that corrects hand-shake blurring by combining the action of its hybrid optical and electrical image stabilization systems. Even when zooming, where hand-shake often occurs, both optical and electrical hand-shake correction make it possible to record beautiful images with approximately 2 times* the hand-shake suppressing effect as conventional models.

* Compared with the HDC-SD60, HDC-TM60, and HDC-HS60.
O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) Lock
The image-stabilizing effect is increased by pressing and holding the O.I.S. Lock indication on the LCD screen, which maximizes the blur detection sensitivity. This is great for when you want to zoom at a fixed angle, like for bird watching.

* Considerable blurring is generated by the shifting of the corrective lens when the camera is panned or tilted.
33.7mm Wide Angle
33.7mm Wide The 33.7mm wide-angle* on the HD 80 Series fits more people and more of the background into the frame than conventional models. This is especially handy when you want to take a group photo in a small room.

* 35mm camera equivalent.

Crystal Engine PRO
The Crystal Engine PRO instantly processes the huge amount of data that goes into Full-HD images, and further enhances Full-HD quality. It produces smooth, high-resolution zoom shots even when the range exceeds the limit for optical zooming. Crystal Engine PRO clearly delineates even the tiniest details of your subject, with extremely natural beauty. In addition, its Noise Reduction (NR) technology has been completely redesigned. The low-frequency noise that occurs when recording in dim lighting has been further minimized. And Intelligent Resolution Technology ensures sharp and crisp pictures, resulting in bright and beautifully colored motion images.

Intelligent Resolution Technology
Intelligent Resolution TechnologyThe Intelligent Resolution Technology incorporated in the new Crystal Engine PRO uses edge detection technology to confirm the edges of objects within the image, then emphasizes the edges for optimal clarity. For example, it brings crisp definition to patterns and the outlines of objects like flowers. Conversely, it reduces noise and enhances the natural smoothness of parts without edges, like the sky. The increased sharpness is especially effective for images with delicate details. This highly advanced technology maximizes the beauty of Full-HD images.

New Zoom Mic and Wind Noise Canceller

  • Zoom Mic
    The Zoom Mic function that links with the camera’s zoom action has evolved even further. Compared to previous models, the noise-reducing performance is improved by 1/3 (-10dB).* It lets you clearly record the sound of your target subject.* Compared with the HDC-SD60, HDC-TM60, and HDC-HS60.
  • Wind Noise Canceller
    The Wind Noise Canceller automatically detects and suppresses only wind noise. It lets you capture natural sounds with lifelike ambience even when shooting in windy conditions outdoors or by the sea.

Still Picture Recording at 3.0 Megapixels with Intelligent Resolution Technology

In Still Picture Recording mode, Intelligent Resolution Technology lets you record clear still images with resolution up to 3.0 megapixels.* Also, when playing back the moving pictures you shot, you can capture 3.0-megapixel* still images of any scene you want. The HD 80 Series lets you enjoy high quality in both motion and still images.

* For images recorded with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Scene Mode
Automatically selects the most suitable shutter speed and aperture for the shooting location and situation.
Scene modes:

  • Sports
  • Portrait
  • Low Light (Motion image only)
  • Spot Light
  • Snow
  • Beach
  • Sunset
  • Fireworks
  • Scenery
  • Night Scenery
  • Night Portrait (Still image only)

Soft Skin Mode
When this function detects skin tones, it softens the focus in that area. This has a skin beautifying effect, which makes wrinkles and lines appear less noticeable. When turned on, this function makes blemishes and moles look less conspicuous, while preserving resolution in areas of the picture outside of the skin.

You can shoot macro close-ups while maintaining a distance of 70cm from your subject. In addition, using the zoom at full magnification makes it much easier to capture extreme close-ups without your body or camera casting a shadow on the subject and while keeping the background in soft focus.

The TM80 also produces crisp audio thanks to the built-in zoom mic and wind noise canceller. Without using an external mic, this built-in mic captures high-quality sound without added expense. The TM80 also features a number of shooting controls designed to make shooting easier. Let these controls take the guesswork out of shooting, leaving you only with true-to-life memories, not headaches. Panasonic’s Intelligent Auto, Face Recognition and Pre-Rec are just a few of the ways you can capture each and every moment with ease. When it comes time to edit, share, or archive, the TM80 presents multiple options as well. Utilize the in-camera Advanced Highlight Playback for fun montages of your scenes set to music for starters. When you’re ready to take the footage out of the camera and share it with the world, the included HD Writer AE 3.0 software helps you do just that with simple upload to websites like YouTube and Facebook. Other options include the optional VIERA link or burning with a DVD burner.

That’s all about the Panasonic HDC-SD80K HD SD Card Camcorder. This Camcorder is available in You can directly order or buy from here.
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