Samsung PL200

The third Samsung point-n-shoot camera announced today, the PL200 is a compact model that’s aimed towards those who are looking for an affordable digital camera in the sub $200 category. While it carries a friendly price tag of about $179 US, the PL200 is still packed with some nice features…..

Samsung PL200 is equipped with 14.2- megapixel sensor with a standard 1/2.33 inch diagonal . is equipped with 14.2-megapixel with a standard diagonal. In this, at any rate , a small camera ( 104 x 60 x 20 mm) installed in the lens of 31-217 mm equivalent focal length – so we lose the wide angle , gaining a little more on the long end. In this, at any rate, a small camera (104 x 60 x 20 mm) installed in lens focal length we lose wide angle, gaining a little more on long In addition, we have optical image stabilization , which will result in blur images in difficult lighting conditions.

All-rounder in the high-quality metal with 7 x zoom and HD video is the robust 14-megapixel perfectly for a variety of July 2010 – Not only their resolution is remarkable. July 2010 – Not only their resolution is PL200 The Samsung also has a remarkable seven – fold power zoom takes high- quality videos. The Samsung also has seven-fold power zoom high-quality With its robust Metallbody it is a genuine all-rounder that can come anywhere to use anytime. With its it is a all-rounder that The result is high-contrast , brilliant photos and movies that the 7.62 inch large display to best advantage to come .

Whether traveling or at sporting events , for snapshots or portraits, the PL200 is in every situation the right choice. The result is high-contrast, brilliant and movies that large display best advantage come. traveling at sporting events, for snapshots is in every right choice. The seven -times optical zoom covers a focal length range, larger than average . seven-times focal length range, larger than average. Thus, the photographer can zoom in far his chosen subject in the position without any need to change . photographer can zoom far his position without any change. The high-quality CCD sensor with 14 Megapixels resolution always vouches for a great – no matter what the motive is . The high-quality sensor with 14 Megapixels great – no matter what the is. Magnifications and even poster-size prints are so at any time.

At the same time lets the cool metal of the camera hand. sharp and the dual image stabilization, and the comprehensive of automatic functions of the program. advance annoying settings without having to photographer can , thanks to the Scene Recognition fully concentrate on the subject . having to photographer can, thanks to Scene Recognition concentrate on subject. The large , 7.62 inches measured display recognizes the user subsequently every detail – and with 230,000 pixels , the display looks smooth and colorful. moving images.

HD quality addition to photos in brilliant quality PL200 also features videos in Full HD resolution to the. The large, 7.62 the user subsequently every detail – with 230,000 pixels, the smooth moving images HD addition to photos brilliant Full HD resolution to the. Up to 30 frames per second provide a lively flow of images . Up to 30 frames second provide flow of images. His moving images kept by the cameraman from a distance in detail in mind: The seven -times optical zoom can be used in video mode as well.

Not interested in Samsung’s newfangled DualView cameras? Don’t worry, the company is still cranking out plenty of regular point-and-shoots as well — like this just-announced PL200 model. Coming in at a reasonable $179.99, this one packs a 14.2-megapixel sensor, a 7x optical zoom, a 3-inch LCD ’round back, 720p video recording, and dual optical and digital image stabilization, among other standard features. Hit up the gallery below for a closer look, and watch for the camera for to be available sometime this September in your choice of black, silver or red.

The PL200 offers a comprehensive suite of automatic controls such as Smart Auto, for both still photos and movies, which will analyze the current shooting environment and subject and automatically select the most appropriate scene mode and settings for the best results possible. The PL200 also offers Beauty Shot (smoothes the skin) and Smile Shot (automatically takes the photo when the subject smiles) modes, as well as Blink Detection and Face Detection. In addition, users can use the Smart Album feature to help manage their images.
PL200 is from August 2010 at a price of 249 euros ( retail price) available in stores . Order to allow sufficient for photos and The Samsung from August 2010 at a price of 249 euros (retail price) available in stores.


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