Samsung’s WB2000 Digital Camera Hits South Korea

The Samsung WB2000 is the newest digital camera Samsung has to offer that boasts of high quality video recording capabilities and a decent camera sensor that’s high speed and has a really good image quality but the selling factor of the device comes in it’s video recording that can do really high frame rates.

The Samsung WB2000 is a 21mm thickness and has brings a 24mm wide-angle Schneider-KREUZNACH lens, up to 10 MP resolution with Back Side Illumination (BSI) CMOS image sensor, which capable capture picture in low light condition.

Additionally, the camera features a 5x optical zoom, 3-inch VGA AMOLED display, full HD video recording at 30fps, dual capture feature allowing simultaneous recording of video and still image, HDMI support, full manual control, RAW image support, dual image stabilization, 1,000fps high-speed video recording and more.

The WB2000 will sell for 429,000 won ($360).

Thanks to gadgetfolder , samsunghub , jdmag

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