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I’ve always been a huge fan of the Flip camera, and have one I use all the time. But the newest entry – the Bloggie Camera – has really captured my attention.The Bloggie has all of the things you would expect: compact size, USB arm, cool colors, easy to use software….

Sony bloggie specifications in order to seduce. A true 256-degree film option, a rotating lens and then sees he has also another beautiful. The bloggie seems the ideal pocket camera, but appearances are deceiving: This pocket camera is not so great as you hope.

‘Bloggie your life “is the slogan that Sony ‘s new pocket camera, trying to sell. This gadget, the home garden and kitchen video of the modern male or female. Your entire life in Full HD on the Web, that’s the idea. That thought is not very original, but Sony is trying to bloggie with striking features are quite distinct. That succeeds only partly.

In terms of specifications about this mini camcorder at the top, you can shoot in Full HD, there’s face detection and an image stabilizer and photos can be shot in 5 megapixels. Nothing wrong with that so. But there are two unique features that this pocket camera interesting.

When fun happens, the all-new pocket-sized bloggie™ camera lets you capture, upload and share the action in high definition. It plays nicely with sites like YouTube™, so it’s easy to upload your photos and videos to the web.

First there is the rotating lens. On digital cameras, the idea was not entirely successful. Nikon scored a number of years ago, a nice hit with the Coolpix 2500 , but that was more evidence. In the world of the pocket video cameras is completely new. The course has several advantages: you can now more easily from difficult angles filming. Moreover, you can now always fun filming yourself and your friends without you accidentally wrong fits. It is a nice addition, but the question remains how much you are going to use such a function. Especially as the LCD viewing angle is not exactly a thundering.

Biggest advantage is perhaps the fact that when you not using the camera, the lens you can fold completely into the body, making them not so easily damaged.

Record everything in beautiful, 1920×1080 high definition MP4 (H.264) format. MP4 is a popular multimedia format that compresses the size of your audio and video, making files small enough to easily transfer to your compatible PC or Mac.

Swing out the built-in USB arm and connect your camera directly to your compatible PC or Mac. It’s the quick and easy way to upload videos and charge your battery without having to hunt for cables.

Undoubtedly the best extra feature on the bloggie (or Sony PM5K-MHR) is the 360-degree movie mode. It works through a set piece, a sort of external plastic lenses. Just click him down and immediately the result on your LCD screen. Through the lens of reflection makes it possible in extreme panorama shooting.

Want to make a normal movie, then it is in different positions, ranging from VGA quality up to Full HD.Settings can be changed via the D-pad below the LCD screen. It works pretty simple and easy. The picture quality is not overwhelming. It’s all a bit dull, though the lens in advance all dirty. The sound is shrill and not very bright.

Show your videos to the world. Just use the pre-installed Picture Motion Browser (PMB) Portable software to pre-select videos and images in the camera and easily upload them to a compatible PC and popular internet sharing sites. No additional software needed.

At approximately 0.9″ thick and 2.2″ wide, the bloggie is ultra-compact and easy to carry in your bag or pocket. And don’t worry about the lens—it swivels out of the way for protection while not in use.

The bloggie camera features a unique lens that swivels up to 270 degrees and instantly powers on the camera when you rotate it outward. It’s perfect for spontaneous moments?just grab the camera and start shooting immediately.

The bloggie camera’s horizontal playback feature lets you record video while holding the camcorder in its natural, upright position. When you want to play back your movies, simply rotate the camera into a landscape (horizontal) position to take full advantage of the 2.4″ LCD screen.

Sony bloggie, like many other mini camcorders, also holds a 5 megapixel camera. Via a handy button next screen lets you switch between film and photo. Yet you probably do not often going to use, because the picture quality is almost for you to cry. Pocket Cameras have not named her sharp pictures, but Sony makes it very bloggie fur. Blurred, noise and ugly. These are the annoying keywords that apply to the photos.

The bloggie is about speed. Filming, and direct upload. To that process as soon as possible, the Sony (as for example the Kodak Zi8 ) a built-in USB plug. Via a button on the bottom that slide out.Next, you drop your computer in theory could easily stabbing. Nothing reveals the truth, because when you plug into the input stops, pushes’ ie back in the camera rather than your computer. The mechanism is simply too loose. With meticulous fussing succeed eventually, but again it is not very convenient. At first I thought that maybe my test model was, but by consulting the Internet more people seem to bother . Strange.

Bloggie The Sony comes with a 4GB Sony memory stick. An SD card (the most common format) is not supported. It also lacks an HDMI input or an external microphone jack. He currently costs around 160 euros . That seems at first sight not much, but there are simply better for the money pocket cameras. The only real reason to buy this pocket camera, the 360-movie should be possible, but unfortunately also functions that are not so great. It is just not all. Fun invented, but poorly developed.

Highlights of Sony Bloggy:

  • Ultra-compact design with a unique swivel lens that can rotate up to 270 degrees
  • 2.4-inch LCD screen with full-screen, horizontal landscape playback
  • and 5MP CMOS sensor, 4x digital zoom
  • Available in four fashionable colors – dark purple, blue, pink and white
  • Dimensions: 19 x 108 x 54 mm, weight: 130 g


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  1. Branislav Rac

    I used Bloggie with SD card this is supported

  2. Branislav Rac

    I used Bloggie with SD card this is supported

  3. Cjsaueressig

    I cannot get a charge or power to my bloggie. I have plugged it in the usb port and get a faint orange light in the sensor “charge” area. I do not get power. Any other way to charge? Problems with Mac?

  4. Cjsaueressig

    I cannot get a charge or power to my bloggie. I have plugged it in the usb port and get a faint orange light in the sensor “charge” area. I do not get power. Any other way to charge? Problems with Mac?

  5. Mhaas48

    how do i put my bloggie videos onto dvd discs

  6. Mattu

    Via included software – PMB


  8. Felicenana

    more detail please…i can burn photos…but not videos. Why?

  9. Doodlb

    I have the same problem, just stARTED today, what to do?

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  11. Dacia Mayans

    Are you for real? Hells yes you are, this should be re-posted. with your permission, I will make that happen.

  12. lith

    My youtube account works fine.  When I try to drag a video from blogger 3D camera into youtube, I can’t log into youtube.  It says my account information is wrong.  What can I do?

  13. Juspayingit4wardjg

    just had the same issue with my bloggie touch, but, i figured it out:  hold the power button down while holding the record button simultaneously for 30 sec. let go, then press power.  it should reset, but, with no power. simply plug it up to you comp for new charge.  this time the light should remain lit orange.

  14. Chewers

    How do I rotate the view of the bloggie video I have taken to landscape on my computer?

  15. Tatianna1311

    Wow! Million thanks to you!!! I’ve been searching the Internet for 2 days trying to resolve this issue and your answer just did it for me!!! THank you!

  16. jaegah

    Thank you soooooo much!!! I just couldnt figure it out for the last few months but now… it started working again!!! yeah!

  17. Johnjlws

    I have the same exact issue. Every now and then it works and otherwise try a hundred times and it does not. Would throw this piece of excrement in the trash, but it costs too much.

  18. Ellen Denice Inman-Jackson

    I would like to know why my Bloggie pics and videos have been removed from Facebook and I can no longer post any pics and videos from my Bloggie on Facebook! It it a Sony Bloggie Touch MHS-TS10!

  19. Mike Louie

    Thanks so much!!!!!

  20. Stephen

    Yes, it works. Too bad the Sony manual doesn’t mention this in Troubleshooting….!

  21. Kelly

    Can I burn a dvd straight from Bloggie to a dvd burner rather than through the computer?
    It’s a sony dvd burner, and it won’t recognize the Bloggie for some reason.

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