The Grenade-Like Social Photography Camera Apollon

A lot of concepts have been pouring into the tech world but very few have been related specifically to cameras. Now, the Dutch designer Gordon Tiemstra has introduced a really cool concept of Apollon, a kind of social photography camera. You may be put off by the shape of the camera but its features will surely make many drool.

So this is how it works. If multiple users in a place have the same camera, they can easily capture and share images across wireless networks. For instance, if there was an event and you and your colleagues tooled the same camera there and took pics, all of these pics will be available on all the cameras by the end of the day. Hence the name social photography.

Moreover, by using these cameras, users can also easily capture panorama scenes by stitching together different shots. Moreover, the camera comes with a remote control so that you can promptly tell the camera when to shoot.

One problem with the camera, as has been pointed out, is the proposed shape which is a lot like a grenade. So say, if you are carrying it into an airport, it could cause quite a security scene. Nonetheless, the concept of the camera is indeed novel and social photography, in itself, is a new notion that has been coined.

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