21.5-inch iMac Available On Woot For $150 Off

As Christmas deals come pouring from different websites, we are witnessing some of the most lucrative offers of the year. The latest on these deals is the lowest price offered on a 21.5-inch iMac. Whereas the actual price of this machine is $1199, Woot.com is offering it at $1049, a handsome discount of 13%. No other website or even Apple store is offering so low a price for this machine.

The discounted price offered by Woot is exactly $150 less than the standard price offered by Apple. The purchase at Woot comes with additional $5 shipping charges. Unlike some other Apple products that Woot had deals on in the past, this one isn’t refurbished and is brand new with a whole year warranty. The deal is the highlight on Woot this Christmas Eve which means Woot has a good stock of the item and will be depending on its sales for the Christmas rush. In case you’ve been planning on buying an Apple machine, now is your time.

As a tradition which Woot usually follows, it always adds up a funny excerpt to the product description page. On the deal page for iMac, you will find a similar excerpt where two people humorously consider the possibility of Steve Jobs visiting houses like a Santa Claus and delivering presents, a kind of allusion to the iMac deal. The note concludes with a token of praise for the Apple products as being truly futuristic.

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