Vizio Announced Full Pricing Of New Windows 8 Laptops, All-in-one Desktops For 2013

California-based Vizio is best known in the tech world for its remarkable flat-screen televisions. The company entered the PC market last year with its 24-inch and 27-inch “All-in-One” units. After the release of Windows 8 OS, Vizio is ready with its first Windows 8 tablet. And recently, the company has unveiled new pricing details for those Windows 8 PCs, featuring new touchscreen notebook and all-in-one products.

Vizio's Windows 8 Touch Screen PC

There are several PCs to choose from. One can start with the $1,089.99 14-inch Touch Thin + Light (CT14T-B0) notebook with an AMD A10 APU foundation, essentially an AMD version of a Ultrabook. There’s also an Intel version (CT14T-B1) that starts at $1,419.99, along with 15.6-inch models with AMD A10 APU ($1,189.99, CT15T-B0) or Intel Core i7 processor ($1,469.99, CT15T-B1) inside.

Besides, Vizio is also launching three all-in-one PCs, including a pair of 24-inch models — CA24T-BO (AMD A10 APU, $1,279.99) and CA24T-B1 (Intel Core i7, $1,439.99) — and a 27-inch SKU (CA27T-B1) with Intel inside for $1,549.99.

Here’s the full list of prices:

14″ Touch Thin + Light (CT14T-B0) AMD A10 APU $1,089.99 MSRP
14″ Touch Thin + Light (CT14T-B1) Intel Core i7 $1,419.99 MSRP
15.6″ Touch Thin + Light (CT15T-B0) AMD A10 APU $1,189.99 MSRP
15.6″ Touch Thin + Light (CT15T-B1) Intel Core i7 $1,469.99 MSRP
24″ Touch All-in-One (CA24T-B0) AMD A10 APU $1,279.99 MSRP
24″ Touch All-in-One (CA24T-B1) Intel Core i7 $1,439.99 MSRP
27″ Touch All-in-One (CA27T-B1) Intel Core i7 $1,549.99 MSRP

You can order any of the new models from Microsoft’s online store or you can pre-order from Vizio’s webstore.

Source: Vizio, Microsoft Store

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