Apple Releases Refreshed Mac Mini Computer

The Mac Mini, Apple’s smallest and most affordable computer has received a refresh at today’s Apple event in San Jose, California. Similar to the updates the Macbook Pro received in June, the Mac mini has received four USB-3.0 ports, a Gigabit internet port, a HDMI port, and  a Firewire 800 port.

Key Features:

# Same size as predecessor

# Capable of holding 16 GB RAM

# Dual or Quad core i5/i7 processors (your choice)

# Storage configurations up to 2TB (solid-state hard drive)

Pricing for this ‘bad-boy’ will begin at $599 for the 500 GB hard drive running on a dual-core i5 processor. The quad-core i7 model Mac Mini includes a 1TB hard drive and pricing starts at $799.

Shipping begins today. You can purchase a Mac Mini by visiting the online Apple Store. Click here to view additional information and pricing on the Mac Mini.

Thanks: Gizmodo

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