Best Buy Displaying Windows 8 PCs In Stores, Taking Pre-Order

Microsoft has opened pre-order of Windows 8 Pro upgrade edition in retails, and has given a green light to OEM partners to start taking pre-order of Windows 8 devices. Several partners including Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Samsung and Sony have already opened their Windows 8 portfolio for early birds. Among major retailers, Best Buy is the first to catch up. It is not only taking pre-orders online, but displaying Windows PCs in stores.

Best Buy HP Windows 8 PC, image


The WinSource blog posted several pictures of a Best Buy store in St. Cloud, MN showcasing multiple Windows 8 PCs from HP. This is the first time, Windows 8 devices were spotted in store. The images show five Windows 8 devices from HP including Pavilion 23 AIO, the Envy 23 TouchSmart AIO, Envy TouchSmart ultrabook and two Envy m6 laptops.

Best Buy is currently taking pre-order of the Windows 8 PCs. Seems it is doing pretty well. For example, we spotted that the Windows 8 version of 10.1-inch HP mini is already sold out online. Check it yourself.

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