Acer creates department for touchscreen smartphones

Acer in planning to become an important player on the smartphone market following an array of successful terminals and the recent restructuring.

Acer executives have recently broken with their ex CEO because the Board of Directors have concluded that the future for Acer depends on tablets and smartphones and not on computers. Acer cannot exceed HP supremacy in computer sales although they managed to beat their American rivals last quarter.

The restructured Taiwanese company has now a new product range, namely smartphones and touchscreen tablets and they are planning to build themselves a name in that sector.

Acer has become popular worldwide due to the fact that they have been selling cheaper products, yet their products’ quality was almost the same to that of Acer’s rivals. This strategy might not work for tablets and smartphones, but they are probably aware of that. So, we are waiting for Acer to come up with new products. Maybe something Premium, for technology addicts.

Acer had some interesting terminals last year, they even had some phones under the Ferrari brand which would have been successful on the local market if they had brought them there.

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