CES 2012: AMD Trinity Demo, Running Three Heavy Tasks In Parallel

AMD unleashed it’s next generation of heavy-duty Accelerated Processing Units at CES 2012. These have been termed ‘Trinity’ and AMD claimed that these units can deliver a Liano-like performance while consuming half the power. Now, during CES 2012, AMD had a system run three heavy tasks at the same time in parallel to prove the prowess of it’s new ‘Trinity.’ And the performance definitely was what AMD had claimed about it.

The demo was given on a single system so that it could be demonstrated that Trinity could handle¬†multi-threaded¬†workload without a problem. The system was made to run the following three tasks: running Dirt 3 in DirectX 11 mode, a heavy application; a video transcoding app taking full load; and finally, a full HD movie being played back. ‘Trinity’ handled all these tasks beautifully well. Not a single stutter was experience while playing Dirt 3, neither did the video experience any glitches at all. In all, Trinity did prove that it was definitely up to the claims made by AMD.

The demo was given on a Trinity 35W TDP APU. But that’s not the only option in the Trinity line of APUs. AMD will also be rolling out 17W versions of Trinity as well as special version for desktops that may as well go up to 100W for some really heavy-duty work.

Image courtesy Wimox.
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