GE Unveils Ultra-Quiet, Ultra-Thin And Power-Savvy Cooler For Laptops, Tablets

The most prevalent method for cooling down laptops is the use of small electric fans. The problem with these fans is that they tend to make noise and are not very sleek. General Electronics has now unveiled an alternative which is quieter, far sleeker and consumes less power.

GE DCJ Cooler

The company has simply termed it ‘cooler’ for now. It is an ultra-thin piece of accessory that can easily be added to laptops or tablets. It makes use of the Dual Piezoelectric Cooling Jets technology. The DCJ technology was originally meant for jet engines, as the name suggests.

But when developed on a tinier scale, it turned out to be fairly ideal for laptops too. The technique that a DCJ-cooler utilizes is thus: it has small bellows which expand and contract to suck in cool air and throw out the hot air. It’s a simple mechanism yet when compared to the fans, the cooler makes absolutely no noise.

Moreover, the entire system of this cooler, including any relevant accessories, puts its thickness at a mere 4mm whereas most fans used in laptops are 8mm thick. In other words, this cooler is nearly as thick as a credit card. Also, it consumes nearly 50% power as compared to the regular fans.

The ultra-thin design of the cooler makes it ideal for laptops and tablets alike. Especially as the vendors work hard to trim down the thickness of their notebooks and users are hungry for thinner machines, such a cooler can be quite effective in shedding some millimeters. You can watch the video below to lay your eyes on this ultra-cool cooler:

Source: GE

Courtesy: Extreme Tech

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