iOS Code Reveals Apple Working On Quad-Core Processors

Developers have, over the time, found a lot of hints about Apple’s upcoming devices in it’s operating system iOS. Apple typically adds support for it’s future devices, in advance, in iOS. In this latest scoop, developers have found out that in the code of iOS 5.1, Apple has provided support for quad-core processors. And this means that Apple is working on them and aims to introduce them in it’s future devices.

Apple is already using single-core and dual-core processors in it’s devices. These are dubbed A4 and A5 respectively. A4 chips are used in iPhone 4, iPad 1 and other devices whereas A5 chips are currently used in iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

And now, we have hints that Apple may be working on a quad-core processor which may possibly be used in it’s upcoming smartphone and tablets. The references used by Apple in it’s iOS to refer to the processors it used have been of the format: /cores/core.x. ‘x’ here represents a number. Apple used /cores/core.0 to denote the single-core processors and /cores/core.1 to refer to dual-core processors. It never used the notation /cores/core.2, so naturally developers think that there isn’t any triple-core processors coming along.

Rather in iOS 5.1, Apple used the notation /cores/core.3, which necessarily refers to a quad-core processor. It is on the basis of this discovery that analysts and developers think that Apple may be developing a quad-core processor for it’s future devices. The notation, used here, simply means that iOS 5.1 will also support quad-core devices.

What makes it very probable is that Asus has already released a quad-core processor. This leaves the onus of content upon Apple who, as always, will be quick in matching this with a similar-power device of it’s own. All this adds up to the theory that Apple will release A6 devices sometime in 2012 for sure.

Image courtesy 9to5mac.

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