PCI-Express SSD Cards, Now Developed For Mac OS X

SSD, which stands for solid-state technology, has been in vogue for quite some years now. In recent times, it has been extensively used to produce drives with large storage. It is usually shipped out in two forms, as an actual drive, the kind of 2.5 inch notebook drive that you often come across, and as a PCI-express card which is much easier and faster to implement in a PC. But most of the current PCI-express cards are implementable only on a PC or a Windows environment. According to a recent bit of news, Other World Computing is developing a new PCI-express SSD card, which will be compatible with both Windows and OS X.

So what’s the big deal about this new PC-express SSD card? The first and the foremost, this card will be compatible to both Windows and OS X. Earlier, when you had to mount such a card on a Mac, you first needed to install Windows via Boot Camp and only then could you use the card and extend your storage space. But with this new card, Mac users don’t need to do that. It can be mounted easily directly on an OS X system. Which means that Mac users can easily extend their storage space beyond the default, simply by mounting this card to the machine.

While this is definitely a huge advantage to Mac users, the technology is still quite expensive. Although the prices about this particular device by Other World Computing are not confirmed, in light of other current SSD cards, we can expect it to be priced at about $1500 for a 400-600 GB extra space. Yes that is a lot of money and the SSD card may indeed be this expensive. The 2.5 inch-drive version will definitely be a bit cheaper, prices at perhaps around $700 to $800. A good point of this card, however, would be that it could be used on all Thunderbolt-based expansion chassis that are used with a number of Apple’s products.

Image courtesy Mac Users Guide.

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