Rumor: AMD To Unleash 5GHz Processor – Centurion

How far can you go on an overclocked processor? The highest number I heard of is 5 GHz. What if a processor can deliver the same clock rate out of the box and without overclocking? A new rumor suggests, AMD has something like this in mind.


According to, sources close to the matter have confirmed that AMD “will soon be releasing a super-FX chip.”  The new CPU will be based on ‘Vishera’ architecture used in AMD FX-8350, which sports aclock speed of 4.2 GHz. The new processor is codenamed Centurion.

The Centurion will run at 5 GHz, out of the box. The voltage requirements and supporting hardware information haven’t been confirmed yet.

The Centurion will be made available in limited quantities. The price is set at $795.

Source: Hexus

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