MacBook Air Owns More Than Half Of Thin-And-Light Laptop Market

Apple’s MacBook Air dominates the thin-and-light laptop market in the U.S. It captures more than half of thin-and-light laptop market in the U.S.

New MacBook Air Unveiled At WWDC 2013

According to Stephen Baker, an analyst at the NPD Group, MacBook Air currently owns 56 percent of thin-and-light laptop sales in the U.S. The rest of the 44 percent is captured by various ultrabook vendors.

The revelation came from a blog post by CNET editor Brook Crothers. To support the information he cited NPD’s Stephen Baker, but no formal reports.

According to Crothers, the current trend in MacBook Air sales is unlikely to slow down. However, the Windows turf isn’t without action. Microsoft hopes that Windows 8/8.1 will come with tablet-laptop hybrids to crush the market of thin-and-light laptops.

Source: CNET

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