Sony Introduces Wide-Ranging Windows 8 Device Portfolio

Sony has introduced its Windows 8 device portfolio. The most distinct among Sony’s new Windows 8 devices are its first Hybrid Ultrabook called VAIO Duo 11 and its first mobile Tabletop PC called VAIO Tap 20. Both of the computers are pre-loaded with Windows 8 and ensure rich responses. Apart from these two devices, Sony has also unveiled several other notebook and ultrabook models with Windows 8.

Sony Duo_Black, image

The VAIO Tap 20 comes with a 20-inch screen, a removable battery, NFC, stereo speakers including Dolby Home Theatre v4 Audio Technology, and a set of apps.

Steven Nickel, VP, Sony VAIO said, “VAIO Tap 20 is creating a new category of PCs by combining desktop PC functionality, battery-powered mobility, and multi-angle viewing.” He also added, “This along with the innovative VAIO Duo 11 and the intuitive touch solutions incorporated across our existing PC portfolio, offers consumers flexibility to optimize their Windows 8 experience. Through the combination of compelling applications, Sony’s network services, and cross device connectivity, VAIO is leading the way in developing a new Touchworld experience. We expect when consumers think of touch PCs, they’ll think of VAIO.”

The VAIO Duo 11 comes with an 11.6-inch screen, a pressure-sensitive stylus, Intel Core processors, I/O port connectivity, NFC, stereo speakers including Dolby Home Theatre v4 Audio Technology. The weight of the VAIO Duo 11 approximately 2.84 lbs.

The prices of the VAIO Tap 20 and VAIO Duo 11 are $880 and $1,100, respectively. Both devices are available at Sony Store for pre-order.

Sony has a number of other Windows 8 devices up its sleeve under the E, T, S and L series. The E series touchscreen laptops have the widest options with prices ranging from $450 to $730. The T series ultrabooks have only two variants, 13-inch and 14-inch, at the same price – $670. The S series laptops range from $780 to $1200. And, the only L series all-in-one desktop with Windows 8 costs $1200.

Source: Sony

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