Microsoft Brings Explorer Touch Mouse

Touch Mouse from Microsoft, Pocket-lint spied a far more interesting product lurking in an unsuspecting corner of the software giant’s London Christmas in July event: The Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse. Microsoft is much more well known for their Windows operating system, but that doesn’t mean the software giant is not concentrating on other potential revenue streams such as hardware.

Microsoft’s latest mouse would be the Microsoft Explorer Touch Mouse, where it will ship with Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology that ought to have it function in most surfaces, even on those that standard optical mice are unable to.

It’s positioned between the Touch Mouse and the Arc Mouse, boasting a blue hue, BlueTrack technology (for mousing on a pant leg) and the same kind of haptic scrollpad that’s used on the aforesaid Arc. There’s a grand total of five customizable buttons, which can be configured for left or right-hand use, and naturally, those good vibrations can be disabled if you simply aren’t kosher with ’em.

According to Pocket-Lint, the Explorer Touch Mouse is tipped to arrive in the UK at the end of this month for £69.99.

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