Apple’s New Mac Pro Comes With A Removable CPU

Conventionally, Apple releases products which are terribly hard to disassemble. This may not be quite true for the company’s new Mac Pro which, a recent teardown reveals, comes with a removable CPU.

Mac Pro teardown

The new Mac Pro has already attracted raving reviews and is all set to become yet another popular Apple offering. Packing top-end specs and a really high price tag, the machine is being hailed as the ultimate solution for individuals needing heavy processing. In other words, people dealing with 4K videos, really high-resolution photography and such may find Mac Pro a perfect solution.

If you fit the bill and have been planning on buying the machine, here are some good news for you. Other World Computing (OWC) recently performed a teardown of the new Mac Pro, revealing what the machine packs under its hood. Among other interesting things that the teardown has confirmed is that the Intel Xeon E5 processor in the new Mac Pro is easily removable.

This essentially means that users can, in the future, take out the CPU in Mac Pro and possibly replace it with a more high-end processor. The main processor costs in the Mac Pro are the key to a high price tag on the machine.

This is well manifest in the pricing of the Inten Xeon chips offered up for Mac Pro. The 3.5GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon E5, together with 12MB of L3 cache costs an additional $500. Getting a 3GHz 8-Core Intel Xeon E5 chip with 25MB of L3 cache incurs up to $2,000 in additional charges. Finally, if you are looking for maximum horsepower, the 2.7GHz 12-core 30MB L3 cache Intel Xeon E5 chip snaps away $3500.

The expensive upgrades hint that the processor itself is probably the most costly component of the machine. After all, Mac Pro is made for heavy and intensive work and most of the power generated for that comes directly from the processor’s capacity to deliver.

Source: OWC

Courtesy: Mac Rumors

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