Niyari Atari 400 USB Keyboard

Niyari brings back Atari 400 nostalgia with USB keyboard and the game console’s membrane keyboard was more of a finger torturing tool.In Niyari Atari 400 ketboard there is rid of the pressure sensitive keys that caused many an issue for children of the Seventies……….


The Atari 400 had one of the worst keyboards in the history of computers and Atari made the 400 suck so badly so people would buy an Atari 800 instead.A Japanese outfit called Niyari has decided to embrace the lovely brown and orange color scheme of the original Atari 400 keyboard and update it for today’s computers. At least the version made by Niyari has actual low-profile keys instead of those pressure sensitive things on the original Atari 400.The Atari 800 had a clickity-click keyboard that resembles most computer keyboards.Still, from the appalling industrial design to the completely impractical keyboard to its anemic system memory, the Atari 400 is definitely not a computer milestone worth repeating in my opinion.You might want to grab one of these over at Geek Stuff 4U, where it sells for about $149 (USD).




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    The computer kryboard looks different from the other keyboard ,it is a little cool!

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