Anonymous Claimed to Hack US Army’s Intelligence Knowledge Network Servers

Apparently, the latest rumor related to Anonymous activity suggests that the notorious hackers managed to access the portal of US Army’s Intelligence Knowledge Network. In addition, the hackers published 400 MB worth of data stolen from IKN’s servers. According to official description “IKN is a Knowledge Management tool and dynamic portal that enables Intelligence Soldiers all over the world to communicate, collaborate and investigate. IKN serves as the Intelligence Warfighter Forum and hosts discussion forums, a single point of entry to access Intelligence Community websites, and provides a variety of public and private web applications that support the Intelligence Community and the Warfighter.” This would make the supposed attack quite a liability.

According to The Hacker News, there are a few download links available for anyone interested in the hacked documents. Anonymous members, who allegedly organized the attack on the IKN’s portal, provided a couple of links on a Twitter account.

The list of leaked documents includes the Intelligence Officers Handbook from two years ago, and Intelligence Support to Urban Operations from 2008. Both documents are presumably not really hot as they are filed under the FOUO (For official use only) classification, which means sensitive but unclassified. According to people with knowledge in the matter, at least the Intelligence Officers Handbook surfaced the web before.

Generally, any Anonymous activity is quite respected in the hackers’ community and the Anons’ efforts to right the wrong is saluted every time. Only this time, the hackers received not only virtual high fives but also advices. “It’s only FOUO class one step past your local paper. This is for the next time you think it’s important. SECRET NOFOR AND HIGHER,” suggests one Twitter follower.



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