Hacker Found Serious Flaws In Security Camera Systems, Prone To Hijacking

We have seen security cameras helping police to catch thieves who stole some iDevices from Apple store. Most of the people have faith on security cameras. But are they really safe from hackers? Nope. A hacker at Console Cowboys has found some major security flaws in the systems of security cameras and hence hackers can gain control over the systems.

Footage On CCTV And Security Cameras

A researcher with a screen-name of someLuser started to find security flaws in the systems’ of security cameras. So he picked up Ray Sharp DVR platform (DVRs are often used for CCTV systems and security cameras) for his research and found a lot of serious flaws in its security systems. According to someLuser, these security flaw allows anyone to connect to a specific port with full access to the DVR functions of the systems and hence can take control over the cameras.

The interesting thing is when security firm Rapid7 came to know the issue, it started to check the security systems of eighteen other popular branded manufacturersSwann, Lorex, URMET, KGuard, Defender, DSP Cop, SVAT, Zmodo, BCS, Bolide, EyeForce, Atlantis, Protectron, Greatek, Soyo, Hi-View, Cosmos, and J2000 and found something horrible.

Rapid7 found there were almost a total of 58,000 vulnerabilities in the security codes of those companies’ security systems which allow unauthorized or unauthenticated people to get full access to the devices configuration with usernames and passwords and later enable them to execute arbitrary system commands through a secondary flaw in the web interface.

Source: Console Cowboys, Rapid7
Thanks To: Forbes

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