Igloohome Smart Padlock: Grant Access Control With PIN Code Technology

Igloohome is a smart padlock system which is just completely new but versatile and user-friendly at the same time. You don’t need to download an app to receive access. It works with remote access and managed by a smartphone. The remote access works with Bluetooth. You can use the different type of unique code for each person. So it is easy to manage everything.

What About Igloohome?

Igloohome is a new company that makes different types of smart lock system. They make these innovative products for home and office. They are shipping their products to 70 countries over the world. They also got numerous awards like CES Asia Innovation Awards 2017: Honoree (Internet of Things), Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation’s Best Innovative Infocomm Product/Solution: Internet of Things (Gold Winner) and the iF Design Award 2018.

Design and Protection

Let’s go deep inside the padlock. Firstly we can see pure metal design as it looks more solid metal. In the smart lock market, there has also a different type of smart lock. But they are not fully stable. Most of those are vulnerable in some way. But Igloohome Smart Padlock seems more solid considering the technology it has used.

If we say about the protection then it will give you the best protection till now. There has no connection with the internet with that padlock so that no one can hack into it. There is the only Bluetooth system combined and it is more secured than others.

Access and Control

To access this padlock for the first time, you have to use an access code. That access code can be found by SMS system from the manufacturer. You can assign each person different type of unique code. Also, you can track who unlocked and when they used that code.

To control this smart lock device you have to install an app and control this with the Bluetooth connection. The interface is more user-friendly and this device is perfect for personal uses.


Smart Padlock price is $69 and you can check the detail from here.

So tell us if you like this product and what do you think about the necessity of using a smart lock system for your home? Let us know in the comment section.

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