Next-Gen Google Glass Arrives With Detachable Ear Pieces, Works With Prescription Glasses

When Google launched the original Glass, one of the key queries was that how will people already wearing glasses use this nifty device. The search giant has answered this question with the second-generation model of Google Glass which comes with a detachable ear piece and works with prescription glasses too.

Google Glass

Google Glass relies heavily on voice commands. When using the original Glass, many users complained that they weren’t able to convey their commands well enough to the device. Evidently, to resolve this issue, Google has included the ear piece in the new version.

The ear piece, Google says, is meant to help the users improve the quality of voice-activated commands. Essentially, such an addition would allow a user to convey the voice commands in a clearer manner to the device, without having to repeat these commands.

The second-generation Google Glass will be made available to the consumers at large next year. But if you are the proud owner of the first-generation Google Glass, you will be able to upgrade to the new offering. Moreover, if you are already a part of the Google Explorer program, you will be able to ‘invite’ three more friends to join the program and thus, become eligible for the Google Glass purchase.

Google is clearly taking Glass forward rather slowly. This is certainly a wise strategy since the search giant is continuously improving the device in light of the feedback from the limited few customers and developers it has handpicked. This ensures that when the company launches the device to the public, it will offer a fairly improved and well-polished user experience.

Source: Google

Courtesy: Daily Mail

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