Impact Study Related To Protect IP Act Might Be Required By Amendment

A new turn of events could change the fate of Protect IP Act, as senator Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat and chief sponsor of the Protect IP Act, declared he plans to offer an amendment that would require a detailed impact study. Patrick Leahy intends to get more information about the effects of the ISP provisions. Furthermore, the senator stated that if the sturdy reveals negative impacts ISP provisions would be eliminated from the bill.

“I remain confident that the ISPs — including the cable industry, which is the largest association of ISPs — would not support the legislation if its enactment created the problems that opponents of this provision suggest,” explained Patrick Leahy. “Nonetheless, this is in fact a highly technical issue, and I am prepared to recommend we give it more study before implementing it,” he also added.

The amendment suggested would give more motivation to the Senate to look more closely other aspects of the bill that are important in protecting American intellectual property online and the jobs that are related to this area. However, representatives of digital rights groups are not necessarily impressed by Patrick Leahy’s proposals as the matter needs further adjustments.

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