Lookout: All-in-one Security App Uses Camera To Take Picture of Thief

Lookout is mobile security app which can protect any iOS or Android device from theft, contact data loss or any other threats that can be risk for your personal information. It can automatically take photos of thief, whoever stole your smartphone!


Lookout Mobile Security is basically a San Francisco based mobile security startup and this mobile app provides security services for iOS and Android devices. At this moment, more than 50 millions users are having this app, as they trust Lookout to secure their devices.


  • It can locate your lost device from anywhere using any internet connected device
  • It saves device’s location automatically even before it’s battery is empty
  • It can take backup of your contacts automatically
  • It will notify you if you are using an out-of-date or insecure version
  • It can locate your device directly on a map
  • It can make a loud alert on your phone if you think it’s nearby but in silent mode
  • It also can download your contacts to transfer into a new device
  • It can call on your missing device using any web browser
  • Lookout 0

    You can upgrade to Lookout premium by $29.99/year to get better safety. The premium version allows you to backup your photos anytime at Lookout.com. You will also get an email with location of your smartphone, if Lookout app identify any behavior which could mean as stolen. Most importantly, you can control up to 3 devices from a single account. Everybody should at least try out, the FREE version of this app to ensure the security of your devices.

    Download Links

    iTunes Link: Click Here
    Android Link: Click Here

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