Should There Be A Ban On Dangerous Third Party Apps?

Dangerous apps have been a headache for a lot of companies. Take Microsoft for example who has been painstakingly trying to improve its products, especially Windows 7. Compared to Windows XP, hackers have now slimmer chances of getting “inside” the OS and damaging it. Therefore malware has shifted its point of focus and reformed towards other applications. Most importantly: Java Runtime Environment, Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat and Reader, Internet Explorer and Apple QuickTime.

So you might ask? Why not ban dangerous apps and be done with it?

Some research tends to suggest that a limited number of applications are responsible for the most damage Windows costumer experience. According to a study done by the CSIS Security Group A/S from Copenhagen Denmark, 85% of infections are due to drive-by-attacks and almost all of them were destined for the application we talked about. But what’s wrong with the programs? What’s their problem?

“What makes them interesting to attackers is their almost ubiquitous nature. They’re installed almost everywhere, and they are easy to execute from a Web-based environment.” said Frederik Braad of CSIS. If you are a big organization, you must stop at some point and rethink what applications are worth the risk and which aren’t. Considering some alternatives might be helpful.

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