Access Controller For Windows

Are you bothering about Internet Access controlling? No mater here I am going to advise about very simple software that allows you to restricting, blocking, or limiting Internet access on the computer it is run on. The application supports scheduling, but it can also disable access on demand. I found this software in size 2.8 MB and support Windows Vista, 7, Tablet PC, 2000, XP, 2003. Now check out some more detail according to

You can protect with a password the program to ensure that nobody else (except the network administrator) is able to modify the program’s settings. The application can be configured to disable Internet access when it’s started or when the Windows starts. It can also block changes to the system time.

Other features are like the application’s ability to restrict access to a list of websites that you choose and to block any website or IP address. If you want to restrict or allow Windows services from having Internet access you can. This can easily be achieved by selecting the ‘Allowed Services’ tab from the application’s settings dialog. Plus Internet Access Controller supports blocking any program from accessing the Internet. It’s also possible to limit Internet access to a couple of programs that you choose.

So that’s all according to and available on there to download. So try and enjoy.

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