Adobe Flash 11 And AIR 3 Now Available

Adobe Flash 11 and AIR 3 hits the tubes delivering with it a host of new features, including hardware acceleration for 2D and 3D graphics, at least for desktops and Stage 3D support will be added to the mobile variants for Android, iOS and BlackBerry at a later date. AIR 3 sprucing up connected entertainment devices, like Samsung SmartTVs with the ability to deliver Flash-based games and content to your home theater system and Adobe has baked in support for both Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound. That means both 5.1 and 7.1 sound can be built into an AIR app and the announcement took place during the company’s MAX conference…………….

Get Adobe Flash 11Here(Both 32 & 64 bit version and all browser)
Get Adobe AIR 3Here

Dolby Laboratories Inc. announced that Adobe AIR 3 will support Dolby Digital Plus to deliver surround sound to connected devices including televisions, set-top boxes and Blu-ray Disc players. Content aggregators will be able to build Flash-based applications that deliver the complete high-definition entertainment experience with HD video and multichannel Dolby surround sound. “Dolby Digital Plus in AIR 3 will further extend the availability of high-quality entertainment across screens,” said John Couling, Vice President, Products and Platforms, Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby is committed to bringing a cinema-quality experience to the home on a wide range of devices. Now consumers will be able to enjoy premium surround sound from more applications in their living rooms.” “Flash is the technology of choice for delivering rich, high-end media experiences,” said Florian Pestoni, Group Product Manager, Adobe. “Media companies and content distributors can leverage AIR to deliver and monetize premium video applications with pristine sound while consumers can enjoy HD video paired with HD audio delivered directly to the TV.” Adobe AIR 3 supports streaming of HD video with Dolby Digital Plus for up to 7.1 channels on select connected televisions, Blu-ray Disc players, and set-top boxes. Adobe AIR, a superset of Flash Player, enables developers to leverage existing code to create and deliver standalone applications across devices and platforms. Thousands of Flash-based applications have already been created and made available through Android Market, the iTunes App Store, Samsung Apps and BlackBerry App World. Dolby Digital Plus allows consumers to enjoy outstanding high-definition audio from broadcasts, streaming and downloaded media, and Blu-ray Discs. Dolby Digital Plus has been included in more than 430 million products worldwide, including TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray Disc players, audio/video receivers, and mobile phones.


DTS Inc., a leader in high-definition audio technology announced its collaboration with Adobe to bring the DTS surround sound experience to upcoming connected TVs and Blu-ray Players powered by Adobe AIR 3. Adobe‘s latest version of AIR enable Flash-based application experiences with high definition (HD) video and up to 7.1 channels of best-in-class DTS surround sound. This premium experience will be demonstrated at Adobe MAX, Adobe‘s annual developer conference. Brian Towne, executive vice president and chief operating officer at DTS, Inc., stated, “Our partnership with Adobe further illustrates our strong commitment to creating high quality audio experiences for consumers across any and every connected device. With AIR 3, consumers will be able to enjoy their favorite Flash-based applications with uncompromised audio quality.” “More than 100 digital home devices are now certified to support Adobe Flash and AIR,” said Florian Pestoni, group product manager at Adobe. “With the ability in AIR 3 to pass DTS-encoded content to decoders on connected TVs and Blu-ray players, content publishers and developers are able to deliver powerful, high definition audio experiences with rich video and immersive surround sound.” AIR 3 is able to deliver all profiles of the DTS-HD codec, from higher bit-rate DTS-HD Master Audio, down to the extremely efficient DTS Express, optimized for “over-the-top” and web-connected ecosystems. DTS Express provides content distributors with the ability to deliver stereo, 5.1, and 7.1 surround sound at superior quality and flexibility with bitrates ranging from 48 kbps up to 512 kbps, a sweet-spot for connected entertainment.


At MAX 2011 technology conference, Adobe Systems Incorporated announced that LG and TiVo have become the latest partners to bring Adobe Flash-based applications via Adobe AIR to connected TVs and digital home devices. Content partners can now take advantage of AIR to deliver Flash-based console-quality gaming and premium video across TVs, Blu-Ray players and set-top boxes. Adobe also announced that Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 now available, a milestone release that will enable the next generation of immersive application experiences across devices and platform With more than 100 unique digital home devices already certified to support Adobe Flash and AIR, including Samsung Smart TVs, Adobe expects rapid growth for Flash-based applications across connected televisions and other devices. New gaming apps like Frima Studio‘s Zombie Tycoon, VH1‘s ‘I Love the 80’s’ Trivia or Raider from PlayJam, as well as premium video experiences from SnagFilms, Flingo, EPIX and others are just a few of the applications that are enabled by AIR. “TVs and other connected devices in the digital living room are the next frontier for rich entertainment apps,” said Danny Winokur, vice president and general manager, Platform, Adobe. “Flash-based applications are transforming content consumption on TVs as developers embrace new opportunities to deliver beautiful HD content to increasingly powerful digital home devices connected to a big screen.” With the AIR SDK, Flash Builder and Flash Professional CS5.5 software, developers can build new applications for connected digital home devices or extend existing Flash-based experiences from desktops and mobile devices to TVs. AIR 3 brings a series of advancements to TVs including full hardware-accelerated rendering for 2D and 3D graphics to enable console-quality gaming applications. Content publishers are able to deliver HD videos with Dolby and DTS 7.1 channel surround sound for full support of home theater systems. With the new Game Input API, developers can also make a range of devices an integral part of the gaming experience on TV screens, including joysticks, smartphones and tablets.


With these new capabilities, consumer electronics and content companies are embracing Adobe AIR. “We are excited to be the first TV maker to support Adobe AIR on our Smart TVs bringing rich, Flash-based applications to millions of customers today,” said Kyungsik Kevin Lee, vice president, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics. “With the dramatic advancements in AIR 3, Adobe continues to push the envelope with innovative new features that will enable powerful 3D gaming apps and other next generation app experiences on televisions soon.” “LG is working closely with Adobe to bring Flash-based applications with AIR to LG Smart TVs in 2012,” said Youngjae Seo, vice president, Smart TV Team, LG. “We can’t wait to see what kind of application experiences three million Flash developers will bring to our customers with AIR 3.” “The availability of AIR will give us the tools to deliver better functionality, more features and a rich, seamless experience that our users expect from TiVo products,” said Jim Denney, vice president and general manager, Product Marketing, TiVo. “We look forward to the development of a rich ecosystem of multi-platform applications to make the TV experience even better.” “Adobe AIR helps us deliver thousands of full length movies in high definition to a wide range of screens on Internet connected TVs as well as desktop and mobile,” said Emil Rensing, chief digital officer, EPIX.”Adobe solutions continue to help us bring product innovation to market faster and provide the best possible viewing experience for our subscribers.” “The number of digital home devices in the market is exploding and we are happy to see that we can continuously rely on Adobe to support them,” said Steve Couture, chief executive officer, Frima Studio. “Adobe AIR allows us to easily publish games and applications to a wide range of digital home platforms. We are excited about future possibilities for games like Zombie Tycoon by bringing them to TVs-furthering the excitement of those games and introducing them to new audiences. As a third party and multi-platform developer, this means new revenue opportunities for us and our partners.” “PlayJam has always been a pioneer in interactive TV games and will continue to push the limits of social and casual gaming with AIR 3 including Stage 3D,” said Stuart Walsh, chief operating officer, PlayJam. “With the near ubiquitous adoption of Flash technology by connected TV manufacturers, we believe that Flash enabled TVs will further fuel the global casual games community and provide a solid revenue channel for PlayJam and content partners like Slingo and Relentless.” “We are pleased to bring the ‘I Love the 80’s’ trivia app to connected TVs with AIR,” said Kristin Frank, general manager, MTV and VH1 Digital. “The rich content and vibrant colors bring the 80’s back to life and provide our audience another screen to celebrate the decade.” Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 enable the next generation of immersive application experiences across devices and platforms including Android, Apple iOS (via AIR), BlackBerry Tablet OS, Mac OS, Windows, connected TVs and other platforms. Dozens of new features in Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 allow developers to deliver a new class of gaming and premium video experiences, as well as sophisticated, data-driven applications with back-end systems integration across devices, including the iPhone and iPad via AIR. For more information and where to download the runtimes, visit and


Update: Adobe announced that its Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 will be available for download tonight starting at 9PM Pacific Time or midnight for folks on the East Coast and you can visit Adobe’s blog post.


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