Aperture 3.2.3 And Epson Printer Update Released By Apple

Apple has recently introduced additional features to its iPhoto software and other related software packages. These changes allow the users to now delete photos from Photo Stream feature which is used through iCloud service. Earlier, the users didn’t have the option to delete photos from this feature. Now Apple has taken another step in the right direction by adding this same functionality to Aperture professional photo management tool via an update.

With the availability of the option to delete photos in Aperture too, users will be able to have a better run-time control on their photo streams. This new update of Aperture, termed Aperture 3.2.3, also takes care of a number of other problems such as performance and stability issues. For those users who regularly make use of iCloud, this new update is must-have for a better iCloud experience.

The size of this update is about 635MB and most probably, you can get it will be available on your system through Software Update if you are already using Aperture 3.2. Otherwise, you can simply navigate directly to Apple’s support site and download the update from there.

Along side an update for Aperture, Apple has also released driver updates for supported Epson printer models. Again, if you use an Epson printer, the update should be available via Software Update. Or else, you can go straight to the support site and download it.

Image courtesy Zengame.

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