Apple Finally Launches iCloud-Integrated iTunes 11

Apple users have been eagerly waiting for the launch of the new version of iTunes, and now it is open. iTunes 11 comes with a new look and a number of new features, including iCloud integration.

iTunes 11

The new iTunes packs a completely redesigned look. Remember the drab spreadsheet format that iTunes has used ever since its inception? In iTunes 11, Apple is done with it, replacing it with a more visually appealing library view which shows off album covers, information about the songs and the movies and more.

Other features include the ability to run a song from within an album without having to go back to the library. This makes it convenient to run music from your collection while at the same time browsing it.

The most significant part of iTunes 11 is the unique iCloud integration it brings to the Apple devices. With the help of this new feature, you can watch a movie at one Apple device, pause it there and resume watching it from right there on another device.

This feature makes sharing different kinds of media and content across a whole host of Apple devices a lot more convenient and exciting. You can also get a copy of your iTunes content offline if you need it by hitting the ‘Download’ button that Apple has now introduced.

The MiniPlayer in iTunes 11 looks a lot more compact, sleek and feature-filled now. It has more control options and information in the same space without looking crowded. Apple’s chief focus seems to have been on the looks of the media player which, we are sure, are going to win quite a few hearts.

Source: Apple

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