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Mac App Store developers release AppSumo’s latest Mac OS X bundle aptly named Supercharge OS X.Supercharge OS X bundle includes 4 pieces of software for a reasonable $14 and the best part is that buyers will save $41 off the retailing pricing……

AppSumo‘s latest Mac OS X bundle aptly named Supercharge OS X, including Cinch,TotalFinder,SpeedDownload and Breeze.Cinch gives you simple, mouse-driven window management by defining the left, right, and top edges of your screen as ‘hot zones’. Drag a window until the mouse cursor enters one of these zones then drop the window to have it cinch into place.Breeze is an app that sits in your menu bar, ready to detangle the mess of windows on your screen. It works by remembering ‘states’ or positions and sizes of windows and then moves and resizes them at the click of a menu. Once you’ve saved a state for a particular program, you can then apply it to any number of other programs.

TotalFinder the third app in the Supercharge OS X bundle follows the theme by helping you manage your Finder windows. Its main selling point is the addition of tabs to Finder that resemble the tabbed interface of Chrome. It’s amazing how much easier it makes file management when you have all your Finder instances combined into one tabbed window. TotalFinder also gives you access to many other Finder tweaks including making folders stay on top in list view, showing system files, cut-and-paste, and a thing called visor, which essentially puts a Finder window permanently at the bottom of your screen.

Speed Download well-integrated download manager speeds up your downloads like many other download managers by taking advantage of the resume feature of file servers. It splits the download up into many chunks and downloads them simultaneously, building the complete file once all the parts are complete. SpeedDownload also has pretty comprehensive FTP functionality built into it, can download YouTube videos, integrates into your browser and features Rapidshare and Mobile Me integration.Normally each of the apps bought separately would total to $55, but for 72 hours starting today and ending on the 17th of January, you can get the lot for the bargain price of $14.

Download TotalFinder For Mac OS X : Here

Buy Supercharge OS X Bundle : Here


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