Chrome OS May Come To ARM Machines In Future

When Google released Chrome OS, the company was pretty sure that there was no chance of optimizing the OS for any smartphones or tablets. However, there was a possibility that the OS may come to other machines such as those based on ARM processors. And now, there are hints that this may actually happen sometime soon.

The hints that this browser-based OS may be coming to ARM machines comes from the issues tracker at the Chromium OS project. According to this issues trackers, currently work is being done to make Chrome OS compatible with ARM architecture. In fact, this work is oriented to make Chrome OS specifically compatible with Samsung Exynos 5250.

Little is known about this mysterious device which is itself a part of another new hardware called ‘Daisy.’ From these developments, it would seem that Google is indeed working on a new gadget that will make use of ARM chips and will probably tool the Chrome OS. But as of now, that can’t be said for sure. Also, the Chromium project is quite independent of Google and is funded nearly entirely through user contributions. So while Google may definitely have a say in it, this current project can as well be a Google-independent venture.

Image courtesy mecredis.

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