Facial Recognition Software Claims To Detect Age And Gender From Photo

If you don’t know your birth year or can’t remember what your age is, then you are supposed to be worried. Isn’t it? But don’t worry, when face.com‘s facial recognition software is with you. Face.com has invented a software that can recognize you with a photo of your face and can tell your age and gender. It means, you don’t have to undress a baby to know whether it is a boy or girl. Just take a picture of the baby, use the face.com’s facial recognition software and know the age and gender of the baby. That’s pretty cool.

Face.com is a technology company with the best face recognition software. They have created a new software that compares you with your photo, analyze and gives the result. It also provides facial mode status besides identifying age and gender. The person below in the image is Dan Bracaglia from Pop Photo. His actual age is 24, but the software tells that his age is 33.

You can try also. Just visit here, upload your own photo or insert a url in the address and see the magic. Though the software is unable to tell the exact age, but it approximately tells the age. So what? Isn’t it better to have something than nothing? Don’t forget to tell us about your point of view of this software. Share with us, what result comes if you verify your age, gender and facial expressions.

Source : Pop Photo


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