Fedora 17 Finally Releases Today

After delaying the the release date for one week, developers have finally released Fedora 17 aka Beefy Miracle. After final Go – No Go meeting on 24 May, the developers fixed the releasing date of the final release Fedora 17 (RC4) to be today. Before releasing, two bugs has been solved. The new OS can be downloaded from Fedora Project torrent site.

Fedora 17, Image credit: Fedora Project

Before the final release the beta version of Fedora 17 ARM, pre-built images for the Trimslice, Beagleboard XM and iMX-based hardware platforms has been released by the Fedora ARM developers. The beta version included pre-built images for QEMU which confirms users without an accurate ARM device to try Fedora 17 ARM Beta in an emulator. Developers have fixed the kernel problem in the final release.

You can download Fedora 17 from Fedoraproject.

Source: H-online

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