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Skype are set to launch a new app for the iPad, as early as next week and a video showing how Skype will work on the iPad turned up on YouTube then disappeared, but not before one eagle-eyed visitor to YouTube spotted it and took a recording of it and re-posted the video on YouTube. Skype was invited onstage with Apple during the reveal of iOS 4.0 and Skype app will make full use of the iPad’s large screen and the in-built camera………….


Skype jumped the gun by posting a video of its yet-to-be-released iPad application to its YouTube channel and the software is not due in the App Store until next Tuesday. Skype decided to finally confirm that its new iOS app exists and iPad owners allover the world will be able to use it soon. The iPad and iPad 2 application has been confirmed by Rick Osterloh who happens to be Skype’s VP of Consumer and Product Design. Skype for iPad has been in testing for a few months now and Skype expects it to be at least as successful as the iPhone version of the application. Skype for iPad will come with chatting and calling capabilities for all iPads out there while iPad 2 owners will also be able to enjoy video calling thanks to that front-facing camera the second-generation tablet is equipped with. Features like file sharing won’t be available at least not as this time, but let’s not forget we’re looking at an tablet application which doesn’t have to offer the same features found on the computer version. FaceTime works on Apple devices alone and unless you only have friends that use Apple devices, an application like Skype for iPad should come in handy to complement FaceTime use. At the same time you’ll finally be able to ditch that Skype for iPhone app that you are currently using on the iPad. After all Skype uploaded a video of the app in action to YouTube, which means a final version of Skype is already available and waiting to be downloaded by millions of iPad users.



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