Firefox 23 Released, Comes With Updated Logo And Mixed Content Blocking

Mozilla team has sped up the release schedule of Firefox browser versions. The team has just dished out the new version of the browser, namely Mozilla 23. This release comes with a number of new features. One of this is mixed content blocking, which offers far better in-browser security.

Firefox logo

One of the things that you will instantly notice about Firefox 23 is that its logo looks slightly different from that of the last version of the browser. The Mozilla team has slightly tweaked the logo so that it looks a tad bit light and sharp, making it appear even better than before.

As far as the features in Firefox 23 are concerned, the new release brings ‘mixed content blocking’ to the browser. This feature essentially lets you thwart man-in-the-middle attacks or any other programs which may be trying to listen in on your HTTPS activity. Needless to state, this is an excellent feature and will be immensely beneficial in increasing the security of the browser.

Firefox 23 also packs a new options panel for Web Developer Toolbox as well as new social share features, making it a lot easier to share content with your friends from within the browser. If you really wish to get better security in your browser and would also want to get all the standard Firefox features, but with better performance, you should download Firefox 23 right away. To read more details on the new release, head straight to the release notes and help yourself.

Source: Mozilla

Courtesy: Hot Hardware

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