T-Mobile DriveSmart Plus

Location Labs launches first carrier-grade solution for T-Mobile customers o block texting while driving.T-Mobile DriveSmart Plus with automatic driving detections give Mobile Personal Safety and Communication Products attacks distracted driving epidemic……

Location Labs announced the launch of its DriveSmart Plus application on T-Mobile devices.The industry’s first carrier-grade service to help prevent texting while driving, specifically designed for T-Mobile customers with Android smartphones.DriveSmart Plus is a subscription-based, opt-in service that automatically detects when a handset user is driving and sets the phone into a ‘Driving Mode‘. Once this service is activated it disables most texting and calling features to the handset while the car is in motion, ultimately decreasing the possibility of unsafe, distracted driving.

The industry’s first carrier-branded service to help prevent texting while driving, DriveSmart Plus automatically detects when a user may be driving and sets the phone into ‘Driving Mode‘.An auto-response text message is sent to the person who phoned or texted alerting them the recipient is driving and unavailable to receive calls or messages.In the event of an emergency or if the user is a passenger in a car.DriveSmart Plus allows the user to override ‘Driving Mode‘. Parents can choose to be notified by text message or e-mail when the override occurs and can view phone usage during the override from the DriveSmart Web interface.

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