Kaleidescape App For iPad With UltraWidescreen Experience

Take control of your movies with the Kaleidescape app for iPad, your collection of Blu-ray discs, DVDs and CDs at your fingertips and Kaleidescape delivers ultimate 2.35 widescreen experience enjoy your 2.35 theater without mode switches or lens movements. CinemaScape will be available in the fourth quarter as part of a KEAOS software update and distributed automatically to Kaleidescape Systems via the Internet and the free app allows browsing without interrupting playback, so guests can find the best moments of a collection…………….


Kaleidescape Inc., the market leader in movie servers announced the Kaleidescape App for iPad, which introduces an exceptional new way to browse and select movies and music on a Kaleidescape System using an iPad. The free app offers the convenience of browsing without interrupting playback, so you can guide your guests through the best moments in your collection. For one example, you can filter instantly by actor, director, or genre, so that while friends and family enjoy the famous Dead Parrot sketch, you can select another great John Cleese scene. Or just select any room to see what’s playing or even start another movie. “Using the iPad app, I can see what the kids are watching no matter where I am in the home,” said Denise M., mother of three and Kaleidescape System owner.” I can even see how much longer the movie will play, and when it’s over, I can pick something else for them to watch.” “I no longer need to be in front of the television to fully control the system,” said David Daniels of Electronic Systems Consultants in Aspen, CO. “For one thing, I can be outside, by the pool, picking out music. And if I like what’s playing, I can easily save it to play it again later.” “Indianapolis is a special place for Kaleidescape. It was here that we won the Electronic Lifestyles award for Best Video Product when we launched the Kaleidescape System eight years ago,” said Michael Malcolm, Founder, Chairman, and CEO. “We’re excited to be back here with our biggest lineup ever, especially our new Kaleidescape-designed iPad app that lives up to our reputation for simple user interfaces.”


The Kaleidescape App for iPad will be available worldwide on the App Store late in the fourth quarter of this year. Kaleidescape also announced CinemaScape, optimizing the viewing experience in 2.35 projection home theaters. Until now, switching between aspect ratios usually required a mode switch and movement of an anamorphic lens. CinemaScape eliminates this disruptive glitch by performing the necessary video processing. “Now it’s a fluid and seamless experience when I’m exploring my collection of movies,” said Eric Schmidt, Founder and President of Sound and Vision in Willowbrook, IL. “With the Kaleidescape System I can jump around instantly, reliving memorable scenes and watching songs from different concerts, and with CinemaScape the experience is even more spectacular.” The Kaleidescape System‘s award-winning onscreen user interface can now take advantage of the entire 2.35 screen. The result is a movie covers view with twelve more movies, and a movie list view that shows the title, actors, director, genre, year of release, MPAA rating and runtime all at once. “2.35 screens are found in most of today’s high-end home theaters, including 26 of the 29 projects contending for the 2011 Electronic Lifestyles awards,” said Michael Malcolm, Founder, Chairman, and CEO. “CinemaScape provides an unrivaled experience for these installations, with seamless transitions between content of different aspect ratios and a user interface that takes advantage of the entire screen.”

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