Microsoft’s Next Office Release Will Be Called Office 2013

We have long been hearing that Microsoft may decide to launch its next Office release, which has been touted as Office 15, this year. However, one of the slides at the keynote speech at TechEd shows that the company may have other plans for the software. For a start, the next version will be called ‘Office 2013’ according to the slides.

Naturally, if that is the name of the next version, it is only reasonable to assume that Microsoft may decide to launch it in the year 2013 and not during this year. Nonetheless, what we are sure of is that Microsoft has promised of a public beta release some time during this summer, something which is expected to happen later this year.

So even if the company decides to launch the software next year, we will still be able to get a glimpse of which functionality it will pack. Moreover, the number ‘2013’ may not essentially depict the release year. At least that’s what Microsoft’s past moves suggest. It released Office 2000 in the year 1999.

This suspicion is affirmed by the fact that since it will be releasing the beta version of Office 2013 during this summer, it is unlikely that the company will take too long and go on to release the software next year. So a release this year is still quite possible. During the TechEd keynote, the company also let an image ‘slip’ to the audience’s eyes. The image showed how Excel will look like in Office 2013.

Source: The Verge

Courtesy: TNW

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