Leaked Images Show Off Skype App For Windows 8

New images leaked by Neowin have revealed the under-development user interface (UI) of Skype for Windows 8. The leaked Modern UI app for Skype shows the graphically overhauled VoIP software; and it’s pretty. Usability and general stability testing by Neowin also seemed to be promising.

Skype Win8 App 3

The Modern UI Skype app for Windows 8 is still under preview. The leaked screenshots show that the app is marked as “App Preview” in the header. That means, Microsoft is probably the beta testing the app right now. But, the functions of the Skype app are reported to be working without any issues.

The only question remains, when the app will be released? Will it be on October 26, or before? We don’t expect to find an answer soon. Just enjoy the view for now.

Skype Win8 app 1
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