GNOME 3.2 Beta 2 (3.1.91) Has Been Rolled Out For Download

GNOME 3.2 beta is out now for download. It’s actually the second beta of GNOME 3.1.91. This is actually a bug fix. The release mainly features on GNOME core modules freezes like UI, string etc. the next version (3.1.92) will be released within a few weeks.

This new release focuses mainly on core modules. It decreased the dependency of core modules on Python bindings. It will now only depend on introspection-based python bindings (pygobject-3) removing the dependency on other bindings like pygtk, gnome-python and gnome-python-desktop.

This release also featured confirmation based freezes. Now confirmation is required for any string changes or UI changes. Another change is the switch to the xz archive format, which uses LZMA2 compression, for the source code tarballs.

For details about freezes, visit here

According to softpedia:

The second beta, or GNOME 3.1.91, was scheduled to land on September 7, but came a few days later, during the weekend, late on September 10. However, the team has not made any changes to the official schedule for the GNOME 3.2 release.

Still, due to the delay, the next pre-release version, the RC may be coming a few days later than the scheduled September 21st.

To compile GNOME 3.1.91, you can use the jhbuild [1] modulesets
published by the release team [2] (which use the exact tarball
versions from the official release).


The GNOME 3.1.91 release is available here:

core sources –
apps sources –



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