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password Resets 100,000 Accounts!

Recently, around 5 million Gmail usernames and their corresponding passwords have been leaked. This Gmail password leakage is a big factor to Automattic, the company that operates hosted blogging service Now Automattic has revealed that it has preemptively reset 100,000 accounts as a precaution over recent Gmail password leaks.

Long Passwords May Lead To DoS Attacks

For long, security researchers have preached longer passwords because the odds of cracking them are less than shorter passwords. However, now it has been revealed that longer passwords come with the risk of possible DoS attacks, especially if no specific password length is maintained by the web service.

8-Character Passwords Are Not Secure Any More

There was a time when security experts confidently claimed that an 8-character password, with a mix of symbols and numbers, is adequately secure. However, that is no longer the case. By combining an accurate estimate of human psychology with the power of latest technology, any 8-character password can be cracked in no time.
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